Simge Elektrik

Simge Elektrik was founded in 1985 in Karaköy Menevşe Business Hall. We have been continuing our work in Karaköy since 1985. Our company focuses on import and sale of electrical materials.

We continue on improving our company every day, depending on the expectations of our customers.

Simge Elektrik is the official distrubutor of the Danish company; Telco. Another distribution of ours is the German company Pulsotronic , and Continental which is a Canadian based company. You can get more information about our products from our website, we are happy to consult and provide you with solutions to any problems you have in particular interest.

Simge Elektrik will continue of it's existence in the market successfully with a growing experience since 1985. We would like to help our clients the best way possible, make lasting improvements to their performance and realize their most important needs.

Best regards,
Hasan Vehbi Tiryaki